2017 is flying by and Easter is to here to offer a chance to reflect and get back on track!

With the year flying by I don't know about you, but we are all feeling like we always catching up! The fast pace of life can make you feel like you are always behind, just getting things done and, moving to the next!

Take a moment and follow the Easter example - Easter (to me) is about new beginnings, the chance to stop old habits and patterns and spend time to reflect on what we want, need, and the direction we want to go. Only AFTER this reflection CHANGE! Make the plans to help you balance your life. Take charge of your days and get your flow back! Remind yourself what you wanted - how you wanted your salon to run, what type of grooming you wanted to do, the lifestyle you wanted to have - or maybe re-evaluate and make a new plan, life and circumstance are fluid and we have to be flexible with it, changes in grooming styles, new products and changing clientele mean that you need to take the time to make sure you are doing what you want and need to do. Give yourself the passion again and don't just be caught in the flow of our fast paced living but navigate the waters to where you want to be!


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