Bring on 2016!
A New Year is always full of hope and the excitement of expectation - the feeling of anticipation that this year WILL be a good year! That this year things will happen!
We are all buoyed up by the happiness and break in the everyday cycle that the Holiday season brings so when we look to the coming year it is with a fresh focus and fresh eyes. I have learnt over the previous New Years that when we reflect it should not be to remind ourselves of all the things we should have done - what we failed to do - but to stop and really look at all the little things, the small changes that we made happen. So often it is these small changes that lead to the biggest results, but we overlook them for the large dramatic experiences.

Little things we did in 2015 - stopped for Morning coffee - sounds simple but it ended up in us stopping and taking stock of the day - a time for staff to chat and get everyone "on the same page"

Started this Blog, Facebook & Instagram - a simple thing (well simple for my teenagers!) but now we can let every know what is happening here and what products are in stock, due in , hints & tips.

These are just a few examples but I often think we all focus on the BIG decisions, letting the little things fall into place - and whilst that is okay, I believe you have to make the little changes and then the big things can happen - move enough little stones and that big boulder moves!


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