Spread the Good!

It's all about how you look at it!


After receiving a feel good story, I was amazed at how uplifted I felt, I hadn't even realised how the constant "supply of information" had actually built up in my mind and taken over. Then I read this simple email and it broke the doom and gloom bubble! 
It reminded me that there is still hope and kindness and maybe with everything going on it is actually giving us the opportunity to pause, to do things we were just too busy for before, to take notice of the neighbour who is elderly or to offer to help anyone. Even to search for that next puppy! 
So I choose to look at this change that we are all going through as an opportunity to recalibrate, to take a breathe, to focus on all those little things that I just never had time for. My list is surprisingly huge, but I will "have to" start with training Ava (my Schnauzer girl) in lure coursing and try that amazing Brazilian shampoo and cologne on mums dogs. Yes I may still have time to even fit in cleaning the walls at home (emphasis on the "may"). 
After chatting at work to the Team about this we decided to create a series of Facebook competitions - where everyone share stories, big, little or just something to make us all laugh - and every week we shall send a prize to the one voted favourite! This week is week GOOD NEWS STORIES.
So make sure you jump on there to share or even read through for a little pick me up!

Stay safe everyone and remember we are all only just a phone call, message or email away, we are all truly in this together! 


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