Still here to get you what you need!

=Hi Groomers!

I hope everyone is keeping safe and doing what is best for them and their business. Whilst Groomers are still able to operate it is always best to look at your individual circumstances and make the decision that is right for you!

That being said - WE ARE STILL OPEN!

We have taken extra measures to make sure things are as safe as possible for staff and customers.
Need product - Never fear - WE ARE HERE!
You can get your goodies from us by:
 - You can still pop into the shop if needed, 
- Order by phone or email and lets know you wish contactless collect - we will have the order waiting at the warehouse for collection.
- Order over the website for courier delivery (authority to leave required)

Please also call us if you have any questions or concerns.


We are all supper lucky that the freight, courier & posties are still delivering!
BUT there has been some limits - below you will see a basic outline of the changes. 

ALL FREIGHT | Please allow an extra 1-3 days for delivery, there has been many changes to freight runs, border blockages and such so freight is being sorted and driven as fast as possible but there is still some delays.

As logistics remains an essential service, there are currently no service disruptions, however all carriers are still requesting senders to allow an extra 1-2 days transit time as volume increases across the industry. This also applies for submitting support queries with carriers. 

We have noticed an increase in people buying puppies - even felt the desire ourselves (and some have succumbed!). We have put together Puppy Packs for people to use at home to hopefully get their little bundle of joy into a grooming routine. Let's take this opportunity where people are home, getting puppies and have the time to play on social media to educate new owners on puppy grooming!
Spending time with a pup is always fun and good for the soul - if we can share some knowledge on what to do, the benefits to the pups and the owners will be huge - and also has the potential to make a groomers life easier!


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