DGS IMPORTS - Dog, Grooming & Show Suppliers & Importers

Wholesale Suppliers Only

DGS Imports is a wholesale ONLY supplier.
We supply to ABN holders of Pet Industry related businesses.
DGS Imports specialises in supplying grooming products and show supplies to Pet Shops, Groomers, Grooming Salons, Mobile Groomers & Hydrobathers, Commercial Kennels - any pet related business.

If you are a retail customer please click on the link below

DGS Imports strives to bring the best dog grooming products and brands from around the world and from Australia to you!

We love making a groomers job easier, safer and providing the tools and equipment you need to get the job done how you want to! DGS Imports takes every opportunity to support the Grooming industry and you will see us at many grooming competitions and seminars bringing the tools to you!

DGS has also just recently opened The Room At DGS - a space for groomers to come together and learn, network and socialise!


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