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The care of our pet's coat requires the use of specific products, designed and manufactured under strict quality controls, combining the experience of groomers, vets and breeders alike. The Artero range of cosmetics is produced in Barcelona with natural products that protect the skin & coat.


Founded in 1909, Barcelona, (Spain), Artero has had over 105 years experience in distributing and manufacturing products for the care and hygiene of your pets. As a leader in the Pet Sector, Artero has expanded horizons and is now present in over 35 countries worldwide, including Asia, Europe, America, South America and Oceania. Presently directed by the 4th generation of the Artero family, brothers Edu and Alex are now thrilled to be taking on the distribution of their latest and best selling products all over the United States. 
We are sure that all groomers and pet owners alike, will find something within the Artero product line that interests them. Whether it be shampoos, conditioners, grooming attire, professional grooming shears or our top selling hair-sprays, you will find it all here in this catalogue! 
Welcome to Artero!

ARTERO Basic Shampoo

A shampoo ideal for all breeds. With its great clean & emulsion effect it eliminates dirt with maximum care for the skin & coat.
Ideal for day to day use in the salon.
Basic is great as a first wash shampoo - cleaning the coat so you get the most out of your specialist second shampoo.
Available in 5Lt


A shampoo designed for the care of white, black & grey coats. Artero Blanc intensifies the natural colour whilst its soft tensoactive properties and gentle action clean the coat leaving it bright, shiny and full of life. Ideal for the elimination of yellow tones from the coat.
Available in 250ml, 5Lt


A Shampoo recommended for wire coats or breeds that require volume. A mild shampoo ideal for frequent use. The Vitalising shampoo is relaxing and are gentle on the skin & coat. The vitamin complex adds strength to the coat aiding in regeneration and coat growth.
Available 250ml, 5L


An ideal shampoo for long-haired coats and on dry, deteriorated coats. Very mild and the relaxing properties of the shampoo clean with coat without damaging or drying out. The vitamin complex deeply nourishes the coat and the moisturising and restoring components help recover the natural texture of the hair.
Available 250ml, 5Lt


Hypoallergenic Shampoo that can be used on all breeds. Great for sensitive skins and very calming after stripping. Amongst other ingredients, contains extracts of Rosa Moschata Seed Oil (Rose Hip Seed Oil) which moisturizes the skin and calms any irritation. The essential oils of the Chamomile Flower and Aloe Vera refresh and calm the skin leaving the dog feeling very relaxed. The enriched vitamin content maintains the skin´s natural balance and protects against toxins. 


Extremely effective shampoo It´s exclusive formula contains ingredients and essentials oils, along with other active ingredients, that work to relax the skin and produce a balsamic effect, so it´s very soothing to use after a hand strip groom, as well. 


Specifically designed for puppies. Ideal for all breeds.  Very light formula so it´s perfect for dogs with sensitive skin. The very gentle nature of this shampoo (vegetable tensoactive based agents) means that it cleans delicately without drying or irritating the skin or hair, leaving the coat shiny and full of vitality.


4Cats cares for the fur and dermis of felines. Its gentle formula is rich in moisturizers, vitamins, and conditioners, this shampoo provides a nourishing treatment with volume and shine. It makes brushing a breeze, helping remove dead, loose, shedding hair in the tub during the bath, leaving a soft, silky, healthy coat.


For white, black, grey & brown coats. Completely enhances the natural colour. Produces shining & bright results. 100% effective.
Does NOT contain washing properties
Available 1L


ARTERO PROTEIN VITAL Concentrated Conditioner

Conditioner that instantly restores softness and shine to all coat types. The action of the Protein Vital works by repairing the coat with silk proteins and reconstructing the cuticle. The content of provitamin B5 contributes to the natural shine of a healthy coat. It can be left in or rinsed out.

ARTERO KERATIN VITAL Concentrated Conditioner

Keratin restores, shine, softness and aids in repairing damage in dry and dehydrated coats. Keratin Vital regenerates damaged hair and also adds weight to allow hair to drape and hang better increasing straightness. Can be left in or rinsed out.


The NEW Artero Balsam Spray is a soothing spray containing, Rose hip’s oil, oat’s extract, willow extract, chamomile, and Aloe Vera speeds the recovery of the dog’s skin affected by external agents. 

Main Ingredients: Boswellia serrat gum, willow extract, Oats extract, Rose hip’s oil, Aloe Vera, Alfa-bisabolol (chamomile soothing active). 
How to Use : Best when used following a bath. Apply by spraying from coat and gently massaging affected area. 



The Artero PODIUM Sprays have quickly become a BEST SELLER! Giving performance and results!

PODIUM is a dry particle spray that can be used to fix or texturise any style. PODIUM allows free movement of hair and is imperceptible to touch. PODIUM give hold with flexibility!
PODIUM can be used on all coats and colours.
Artero Podium Dry Hold is perfect for finishing of all breeds especially terriers and top knots.
Podium is removed by brushing and will not flake or buildup. Podium does not leave any residue in the hair. Perfect for salon styling


Artero Podium Strong Hold has all the benefits of the Dry Hold - flexibility of movement, brushes out, no residue and but it provides a complete hold. PODIUM Strong Hold will stand up against vigorous shaking!
Perfect for styling, fixing top knots show and competition use. Can be used on all colours as there is no residue.


FLASH - A nutritive shine & conditioning spray.
FLASH is a must have in salons, competitions and shows - FLASH gives shine and silky results to all coats. The spray is light and easily mists on.
The careful selection of components gives a non-greasy, conditioning effect which allows it's use as a softener on a dry coat, giving it a shiny invisible film that prevents tangling.


Anti-STATIC Control
The most versatile and effective grooming spray - for an antistatic - anti fuzz effect use STATIC whilst brushing. To create volume generously spray over the coat then back comb. Ideal scissor spray.
Static contains dry micro-particles that are diffused through the coat but do not moisten the coat.


Artero has an vast array of grooming tools - everything you need - from top to tail!


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